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Getting Company Buy-In

Our core business model was created with your success in mind.  We’ve enlisted the help of HR Specialists to provide you with the tools you’ll need to add AlertMeter to your company structure.  Included in your subscription are suggested inserts for your existing HR documents, materials for a successful launch meeting with employees and supervisors, and guidelines for frontline supervisors.

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The ROI of AlertMeter

Quality Control: Plot anonymized test results with quality control trends in time of day.
Customer Service: Use Alertmeter data to correlate with customer complaints or positive reviews.
Accidents or Incidents: Make the Alertmeter score a part of the safety investigation.
Manage Dangerous Environments: Use AlertMeter to monitor employees working in high temperatures or other impactful environments.
Compliance Reporting: use AlertMeter for impairment monitoring for regulatory or company policy enforcement.


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Ongoing Support

AlertMeter is in the cloud, so updates occur automatically and the whole system can run on staff smartphones, or on a few strategically located tablets. Whatever route you choose our team will be just a phone call away to answer any questions you have, and make sure you're getting the most out of AlertMeter.

Get Started Today

For the cost of buying your employees lunch once a month, you can use AlertMeter.  Included in your subscription is our HR Toolkit, and guidelines for frontline management and supervisors, including launch videos for introducing the platform to your employees and management.

Why wait to see how AlertMeter can help improve safety and productivity at your business?