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AlertMeter is a platform whose time has come.

We’d like to thank all of the wearable devices out there that have brought attention to the nature of fitness monitoring.  Now it’s time to bring that level of awareness to the workplace.  

You already know that quality control, safety, and productivity are closely linked to your employees’ wellbeing.  AlertMeter makes it easier for employees and their supervisors to be aware of any issues they may have right now in alertness and fitness for duty.   

If employees work in a high risk environment, AlertMeter objectively provides individual information to guide frontline supervisors to employees who are struggling with alertness so everyone can be safe.

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We’re turning impairment testing on its head.

It’s not about catching your employees doing something wrong.  It’s about supporting them in doing the job right.  Companies that attract the best talent and have the highest employee retention rates know how to help employees do their best work.

Your employees’ daily state of mind is a key factor in your company’s safety culture and its ability to meet quality control standards.  

There are so many other causes for safety risks or the inability to focus on the task at hand. Let us help you turn around the concept of catching impairment into supporting alertness.


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Drug testing in the U.S. 

Drug Testing Lacks Relevance

Evidence strongly suggests that drug testing in the United States has not made our workplaces safer after more than two decades of mandated practice in some industries.  

While the drug testing business continues to promote their $54-billion industry, random drug testing in the United States has dropped 25% in the last ten years. Companies are coming to the realization that drug testing does not significantly impact the safety and productivity of employee populations.  Yet there have been no other options for impairment testing on the job.

We believe that cognitive alertness is about more than illicit drug and alcohol use. It’s also about fatigue, emotional distraction, and illness.  For example, the Department of Transportation, one of the only agencies tracking the impact of fatigue on workers, has numerous studies showing that driver fatigue is a leading factor in truck crashes.  Yet many industries continue to ignore fatigue’s impact.  

We think that’s partly because there hasn’t been a way to objectively identify fatigue or extreme distraction.  Now there is, with AlertMeter.  

Drug Testing is Invasive

Imagine the mindset of the employee who is pulled out of line on any particular morning, handed a cup and told to produce a urine specimen.  Is that a practice that engenders employee loyalty or retention?  Does the company even have the right to know what substances they have in their bodies? 

What the company does have the right to know is that their employees are fit to work when they walk in their doors every morning.  But what the drug test results indicate may have very little to do with a level of impairment in their employees.  And as we’ve said before, the chances of randomly picking just the right employees on that day is very slim.

Studies show that the risk of employee exposure through company drug testing has had no impact on the behavior of drug users.  What is happening instead is the alienation of good employees who have nothing to hide.

A company-wide, daily practice of alertness testing will help identify those employees who are struggling with alertness. It could be because they were up all night with a sick child, or they’re groggy from taking antihistamines or temporary medications, or because they are emotionally upset.  From there, a company can use appropriate protocols to address the real issues, which might include drug testing, but very well may be something completely different.


For the cost of buying your employees lunch once a month, you can use AlertMeter at your business.  Included in your subscription is our HR Toolkit, and guidelines for frontline management and supervisors, including launch videos for introducing the platform to your team.