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AlertMeter measures a person’s cognitive alertness with a 60 second graphic test taken from a touchscreen tablet or a smartphone held in your hand.  Funded in part with the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, and the National Institutes of Health, AlertMeter is backed by rigorous alertness and impairment research.  Now, employees can empirically demonstrate their readiness to work, and companies can have new confidence in the teams they deploy.


Industries we Serve:

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The platform whose time finally has come.

We’d like to thank all of the wearable fitness devices out there that have brought attention to the nature of fitness monitoring.  Now it’s time to bring that level of awareness to the workplace.  


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We’re turning impairment testing on its head.

It’s not about catching your employees doing something wrong.  It’s about supporting them in doing the job right.


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The superior drug testing alternative.  

Evidence strongly suggests that drug testing in the United States has not made our workplaces safer after more than two decades of mandated practice.


Get Started

For the cost of buying your employees lunch once a month, you can use AlertMeter.  Included in your subscription is our HR Toolkit, and guidelines for frontline management and supervisors, including launch videos for introducing the platform to your employees and management. To see how this revolutionary system can improve safety, productivity and accountability at your work sites simply click below to get started with a demo of AlertMeter today.